The Clams – Gunslinger

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The Clams Gunslinger is an album long awaited and it’s here! A beautifully grooved LP with digital download, and artwork adapted from a painting by Anders Johnson. That’s not all, this album features the voice of Black Mountain poet Ed Dorn reading excerpts from his work Gunslinger. Ed Dorn passed on from this world in the winter of 1999 and lived 70 years. The excerpts are from a recording from the late 60’s and Clams and 1980 are honored to hear his voice on this album!

Clams are a band that have been dialed into a sound all their own since their inception. Taking queues from bands like the Beach Boys, Boris, SunnO))), Zeppelin…Saying that these guys are heavy is a bit of misnomer because heavy so many times connotes stoner rock, or metal and prog bands. Clams are at times a No Wave band, at times a Classic Rock band, at times they even swing into Grateful Dead-ish country, all of this done with a great deal of self control, and thoughtful heaviness. Vintage Tubes firing, big shells rumbling, a choir of voices telling a story of their own inspired by Ed Dorn’s legendary work.

This album is the record 1980 became an official label for. We’ve been talking about this before it was even recorded.

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