Slow Riot

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Slow Riot’s self-titled release on 1980 Records & Tapes is a heavy hollow of instrumental polished leather, glazed with effects-chains that daisy chain into the horizon. This cassette extends time with a somber pace, elongating our experiences into the moments of our greatest memories. Slow Riot is an arena full of onlookers listening to their headphones for inspiration. The opening track, “Begin Slow Riot,” sets the standard for the album with intimately cathartic guitar-scapes that reside in the astral-planes above our heads, syphoned into over driven amplifiers and projected to the masses. This is a slow motion nose dive toward disaster with a last minute change in direction for salvation. The track “Sun” is the 90s star-child wandering in fields of sunflowers with their long combed hair, blown-glass-bead necklaces, and tie die shirts. “Psychotic Summer Come Down” is the star-child doused in strobe lights. The tremolo is heavy and waves past you in steady currents, inundating your inhibitions. Your body begins to sway with an ethereal-headed heaviness as your eyes close to a metallic darkness that shimmers through obscurity. Slow Riot is exactly that––a moment that is so exhilarating that it extends past time into a slow tide of feeling, observation, and introversion that never truly leaves.

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