Noema – Former Selves and Future Void

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Genre: Desert Psych Drone

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Former Selves and Future Void opens with a mesmerizing and twisting track “(Fourscore) – False Ascension,” which lays the pillars of rock into its foundation, repeating phrases that hold the listeners in their seats while vacuums of aether open within their auditory systems. Highly sustained notes flange across the rhythmic foundation and weave in, out and through the guitar-ridden layers; phrases enter and leave. “Dose – Kymlinge” carries the weight of black-metal and documents the nocturnal haziness of sleep deprivation, working slower than most the other tracks but building into a messy arrangement of cautionary tones. Former Selves and Future Void is drone like and captivating, and with tracks no-shorter than ten-minutes long, it ably sustains its grip upon the listener’s senses and imagination.

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