J@K@L w/ Michaël Attias – Static Adieu

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Releases September 11

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J@K@L is a collaboration between Chicago jazz improvisors Julian Kirshner, Fred Lonberg-Holm, and Keefe Jackson, debuting 60 minutes of frenetic and tenuous tonal traveling. Recorded live in Chicago at the Owl, Static Adieu is the trio perusing across Side A in a 30-minute excursion that collapses on top of you. Acoustic percussion and reeds stutter and never repeat as the cello drags a comb through the low-end spectrum––but not for long. Electricity becomes evident with apocryphal ring-modulations and pitch-shifts that far surpasses the natural vibrations of wood and brass. Colors saturate from one instrument into the next, cacophonous counterpoint redeems itself in context. Jackson, Kirshner, and Lonberg-Holm feed each others’ ears with ligandos that tickle their tympanic membranes. Michaël Attias on alto sax is introduced to the trio on Side B of Static Adieu. They welcome him with calls and responses. Kirshner swings relentlessly on the ride symbol, feathering snare rolls in between muscles spasms that lead the way toward dizzying spells of playing straight and crooked. Jackson and Attias hop around each other with the portamento fret-boards of Lonberg-Holm eliding between the peaks. They attack each other in a one-on-one battle of shining metal. Static Adieu flutters with winded and winding woodwinds; it collapses under weighty cello that is pervasive and ominous; it does donuts on the trap kit, leaving behind smoking drumstick skid-marks. Free Jazz Chicago . . . Jazz Frees Chicago . . . 1980 Records & Tapes is proud to present J@K@L w/ Michaël Attius to the adventurous pursuers of Chicago’s unclassifiable elite.

“The first track… is a blistering, energetic essay in creative music making within that nebulous genre known as free jazz. It is titled. ‘Oblivion and Forgetting Always Win in the End’ and it is worth the price of admission.” – New Music Buff

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