Cop Funeral – Part Time Pay / Paid Vacation

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Josh Tabbia’s 3rd release as Cop Funeral is titled Part-Time Pay/Paid Vacation and it is highly versatile in it’s ease in approach to transformative listening. I don’t take self controlled art for granted and I find this release to be moving in the way that a Shostakovich piece might take you to a deeper place inside that you might not expect. So, filing Cop Funeral into the noise genre is a bit inaccurate, or is it? Noise can be so spectrative in the sense that it can be as simple as a drone and as full as an ocean. Experimental can be limited to morphing an instrument into something it wasn’t ever meant to do. Electronic music seems to have this archaic idea that it needs a beat. To put Part-Time Pay/Paid Vacation into a more definitively place within my reasoning would be as dis-serving as it would be to give it a genre. Cop Funeral’s thoughtful approach is as skilled as it is guided by a historical make-up of transformative output. There are moments in a tape/noise fans life where you remember a moment when you bought a “noise” tape and found something so powerful and moving that you kind of set it above all else at the time. Over the years I’ve only found a handful of these legendary unique and transcending tapes. This EP is one of those tapes. I’m as lost as I am found. I’m as taken as I am on my own.

Side A is a slow burn of sound scapes. This is electronic music but it has a mood, it has the soul of moving music, a quartet of pieces. Side B takes us back down, way down, to the surface with a full 360 view of this dense limitlessness. It is as lush and dense as heavy fog flickering with colorful lightening. Distant voices seem so far away in this heaviness but are truly as close as you want them / need them to be. We’re takes into the scariest places with a skill of a caring guide. We walk across that tight-rope bridge as it swings and frays being careful with each step as the wind swirls and the trolls growl. What are we afraid of? What and/or who do we love? How long until we reach the other side? Will we lose one another on the way? Cop Funeral won’t let you down, the worldssss are scary but, survival is key as the layers of watercolored structures come into view we can find a candle burning to the past and honor of the fear that got us through the crushing immobilty of that was once taking a step.

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