Alleyes Manifest – Fall Colors

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Fall Colors is lush and spaced out. Lyrics are driven with a personal passion for self showing an artist who’s figured their shit out and are ready to move. Power to the People is a call for peace in a world of hate that pulls no punches. A clean view of systematic oppression and voice of hope looking into the void and spreading peace. Coasting is a have no fear joyride through the bay area featuring guest rapper Nova. Fall Colors has the beauty and depth of Nina Simone and the flavour of Mos Def. Stay Irie puts the lens into focus on all the hard work and the pay off. No Stopping is glimpse at Alleyes Manifest’s strength as an artist. Not to mention the instrumental wonder of Exhale Interlude which is a beautifully orchestrated piece gracefully synthesized with bells, beats, and keys. All tracks are stand out on this epic release from the one and only Alleyes Manifest and with this limited edition cassette it’s gonna move quick so Stay Irie and get Fall Colors!

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