• tcb-band
    Prolifically living life to the fullest by hauling yr gear in the back of a small car, or from CTA stop to CTA stop to play in a basement, loft, or a store front event. Getting home late and spinning your favorite records with your friend’s way later than employers should know about and getting up early and doing it all over again. The memory holds the notes that find their way sharing space with one another sounds from action and wind, ear drums vibrate when instrumental drums react to implements, brushes, sticks, piece of metal. AREPEGGIO until you find a home for a minute or so you ramble around find your way to the bar and request an option, meet me there, and share. A meditation, a conversation of 3 voices from 2 two speakers, these are mouths that almost read in unison the words never heard but so familiar so clear a parallel giving room to be a team and find home wherever you are. Awaken here, CHICAGO, home inside the sound. Rain or shine meet me there, TCB is there.

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