• Cad Elf – Dark Planet Full Album Video


    Tyler Lynch has made a spectacular full stream video for CAD ELF’s “Dark Planet” on youtube! Both the video and album are an amazing patchwork quilt of artistry and we’re stoked to share this with you!

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  • Interview with J@K@L


    J@K@L is Julian Kirshner, Fred Lonberg-Holm and Keefe Jackson. Have you recorded together before as a group? JULIAN KIRSHNER: Yes, this is the second time the band had recorded together, and only the second time we had played together. The first time we recorded/played together was December of 2014. What was different about playing together […]

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  • Interview with Slow Riot


    First of all, I love the name of the band. Slow Riot is the perfect thing to name an act with shoegaze influence. In my mind, it combines the idea of everything noisy happening at once, except in a dreamlike pace. Is that where you got the name? The concept of the name actually came […]

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  • Interview with Cad Elf


    Where did you find the sounds and the inspiration for the songs on Dark Planet? Were they objects you had around you? I’ve always been involved with music in some capacity but never had a true to form band. Cad Elf came about out of frustration and necessity. I’d have a song in my head, […]

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  • Interview with I Believe In Julio


    A lot of your songs seem to come from personal stories – like the first track “I Used to Be in a Band” seems to be the story of getting screwed over by your bandmates and not even knowing their new record is coming out. “Lay Lady Lay” mentions a friend of yours. What are […]

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  • Interview with Bill Tucker

    Bill Tucker Future

    Who is the person on the cover of the album, named Misanthrope? What is their role in the creation of Future? The Misanthrope is singular, it’s divided, it’s isolated. While on the other hand the Holosun is the opposite, a system of manipulation and power, a network theocractic hive that is non-human. The Holosun was […]

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  • Interview with Hannah Aaron & Leo Brochu


    What was the recording process for Bitter Lake like? LEO BROCHU: The whole thing was done on tape. The sounds were collected either from old LPs, field recordings, live instrumentation or “found sound” and contact mic’d objects. All of these were recorded onto tape over the course of a year, just collecting and mangling sounds. […]

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  • Interview with Ben Bennett


    When an audience sees you live, they are able to see which instruments you use and how you move from one to another. When they hear your music recorded, they don’t get to see the context you’re operating in or what instruments and objects you’re surrounded by. Do you think listeners of your recorded music […]

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  • Interview with Geena about new album “Modal”


    Could you list everyone in the band and what instrument they play/what they contributed to the album? I am Adam Weber, and I play guitar and sing in Geena. Brandon Quam plays drums, and Bryan Ciotola plays bass in the band. I wrote most of the framework (riffs and words) for each of the songs […]

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  • Interview with Hinged about their self-titled release.


    Could you list everyone’s names and what they played/contributed to the album? Geoff Hing: Daniel [Westcott] played drums and sang. I played guitar and sang. Jeff [Jablonski] played the more technical, textured guitar parts. Rawny [Semba] played bass. Daniel did all of what I guess you’d call the engineering on the recording. Do any of […]

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  • Shane Tripp “Business” Official Music Video

    Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 1.07.35 PM

    Shane Tripp “Business” Official Music Video from Michael Foxtrot Johnson on Vimeo. Business, by Shane Tripp, from Silk Challenge (2015). Video Written, Directed, & Chopped by Michael Foxtrot Johnson. Camerawork by Corey Bowman. Order Silk Challenge Here

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  • Shane Tripp Interviewed for Upcoming Release “Silk Challenge”


    Are you originally from Grand Rapids? S: Yes, I grew up around here and I moved into an apartment here about ten years ago. Is this the first recording under your name, or have you been releasing albums for awhile? S: I’ve been doing solo albums for awhile. This is my third solo album. The […]

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  • I Believe in Julio Tracking in the Studio


    The technician opened ProTools, and the magic began. I Believe in Julio plugged in their guitars, shredding and pushing the red too far. When they heard the sound, I Believe in Julio pronounced their emotions on their faces. They dreamed far-out dreams.  They played on Dreamcasts or GameCubes or something-or-others. I Believe in Julio tracked […]

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  • I Believe in Julio’s Shenanigans Break the Stage


    I Believe in Julio took the stage at Mulligan’s on 11/14/15 and broke the stage, leading the club’s management to ban them from playing there again. The members of the band then continued, in protest, to play for another two hours before the cops arrived. As the officers busted down the door, the band managed […]

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  • Interview with Tim Daisy


    Considering that you are a percussionist and you “play” the drums, how much do you see the action of  “play” being involved in your creative and technical processes? Why does having array of cymbals, percussive bibelots, records, and radios spread about you on the floor remind me of a child learning, adapting, and discovering with […]

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  • Interview with Swimsuit Addition


    Swimsuit Addition’s vocal section kicks it. From your solid phrasing and melody, intense screaming, and impeccably placed backing vox, you are able to hit upon all the vocal sweet-spots of the rock-n-roll tradition. What are some of your lead-singer/vocal influences? How much time goes into arranging the parts? Is it natural or is it meticulously […]

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  • Tarnation’s “Cheating To Lose” Tape Release August 23rd, 2015


    In the past few years, Chicago’s music scene has dawned a new-age with the emergence of experimental demigods, Tarnation. A multi-media influenced group of multi-instrumentalists that funnel into pure ethereal meditation, Tarnation has revealed multiple releases from under its veil that range from recordings of their rehearsals and lives shows to movie soundtracks. Their thematic […]

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  • Show Announcement: A.M. Stations, Secret Lover, & The Clams / August 23rd at Quencher’s in Chicago, IL

    Am Stations_ Clams_ Secret Lover Aug 23rd 2015 Show

    A night of craft-beer from across the world, east-coast serenades, and Chicago heavy-steppers is being prepared for the masses. Come and enjoy yourself to the home-run-hitters known as AM Stations, the sludge-harmonies of The Clams, and the amorous smooth-talkings of Secret Lover!! LATE SHOW!! @ Quenchers (2401 N. Western Ave Chicago, IL) Doors: 9:30pm Show: […]

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  • Show Announcement: Secret Lover, A.M. Stations, & Flushed / August 22 at Camp H Skate Park in Comstock Park, MI

    Am Stations Aug 22nd 2015 Show

    Come skate and listen to some major bands from 1980 Records & Tapes. Secret Lover and A.M. Stations are playing with Flushed at the Camp H Skate Park (5240 W. River Dr. Comstock Park, MI). The show starts at 8PM and the DB-levels are yet to be determined. Bring your deck and your ear-plugs. More […]

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  • 13th Annual CHIRP Record Fair & Other Delights


    1980 Records will be at this year’s CHIRP Record Fair at Local 130 Plumbers Union Hall, 1340 W Washington St, Chicago. Early admission runs from 8-10am, and is $25, with readmission allowed all day long. Regular admission begins at 10am, and is $7, or $5 with a Record Fair flyer or ad. The CHIRP Record […]

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  • Chicago Independent Label Popup Store at Empty Bottle


    Chicago Independent Labels Popup Shop March 22nd at The Empty Bottle 12-5pm, FREE Featuring: Permanent Records Athletic Tapes Moniker Records Impossible Colors Dark Circles Records Hairy Spider Legs Already Dead Tapes All Right 1980 Records Lake Paradise FPE Records Maximum Pelt Dumpster Tapes Grabbing Clouds Records Berserk Records Safety Records Eye Vybe Records Tall Pat […]

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